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Light Painting - e-Luminate festival 2018

Light painting is something I really enjoy and this is a side of my photography which is done purely for pleasure.

There is something quite magical about moving some lights around and creating images such as this below. This kind of photography is most like the old process of waiting for a film to develop, as whilst you are shooting you have no idea what you are going to get. It can be both magical and frustrating when you get it perfect and also amusingly wrong. I love how you can play with the light to create things that aren't there and interact with the landscape.

Riverside bridge with light painting trail lucinda price photography

A great opportunity for playing with light is the e-Luminate Cambridge festival. One year I took my lightstick down to the city centre and played with the installations creating trails of light amongst the installations. If I have time this year, I'm hoping to get another chance to do this.

Lucinda Price photography shot of senate house and Gonvile & Caius college with light painting overlaid

I'll be in the market square for Camcycle on Friday as they are organising a bike parade - Camcycle are a great campaigning organisation that I take a range of imagery for.

Then on Sunday I'm hosting a Light Painting workshop *currently a few spaces remaining* where I'll be showing the basics of using your camera in manual mode, and more importantly having lots fun with the 'colour!' theme and my light stick.

I'm hoping to share some light painting photos using e-Luminate Cambridge as the backdrop soon - watch this space!


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