Two new voluntary services - Lucinda Price Photography

Update: As I start to reopen the business I am no longer actively offering these sessions. However, if you would like to discuss any of the below with me please do get in touch. Its been a strange few weeks, and I know it will continue to be so for a while. I'm ok, and able to sit tight and help not spread the virus. In the meantime this does admittedly leave me with plenty of time on my hands, so today I am launching an ad-hoc free service for those who may not be in school in the upcoming weeks and want to know a little about what it is like being a freelance photographer/photography. 1-2-1 What's it like to be a self-employed photographer? (aimed at older teenagers A-Levels etc.) I can do

Things are a bit different....New Lucinda Price Photography service

Since I wrote my last post about Corona Virus things have moved on a bit, and it's all been a bit big and scary. I'll be very honest, my lovely diary filled with bookings is now looking very sparse, however I am looking at this as a positive. This gives me a chance to stay home and not spread unknowingly this virus around to different clients over the inevitable peak on its way. These are exceptional times and I understand the need to be careful. Given the nature of my work and mixing with different clients and locations, I am pretty much accepting the current nature of my business will be on hold for the next few weeks/months and this is going to have an impact. However, I have an emergency

Corona Virus - Lucinda Price Photography

Update (4 July 2020) - I will shortly be publishing my Covid policy alongside the services I can offer currently. If you have a photography shoot requirement please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. An update (14 March 2020) - Given the recent updates in the current health situation I am not actively taking any bookings for in person shoots in the short term future. Whist I am well and I want to assist with keeping the peak lower and don't want to unwittingly be a spreader/super spreader of this virus. I will update this further once I am back in action. I am very aware with an increasing number of cases of 2019 Novel Corona Virus that my business may be impacted by this so below

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