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Now I am 8...

two boys posing on the beach
Fun beach time

Every business birthday, for me, is a great time of reflection albeit during one of the busiest times of the year. 8 years ago, I walked away from job security and a long term role with a small portfolio and no idea of what was about to happen! Now 8 years later, I'm an established business, confident that I'm doing the job that suits me, I enjoy and love and all whilst being able to enjoy the most amazing experiences!

two adults with child between them holding hands looking happy
Family fun on Jesus Green

Navigating out of cyclical lockdowns and into a slight more 'normal' year has been interesting - it's been great seeing customers and events coming back with much fuller calendar. I'm enjoying engaging with new clients and having so many fun experiences. It has been busy juggling part time work for an office job with the business with some full on weeks, however I'm loving the balance.

It's been lovely to see events coming back - this year was the first Reach Ride in three years, and I'm spotting all sorts of things happening again.

Penny farthing being ridden by Cambridge river
Reach ride is back!

I managed this year to be involved in the wonderful creative reactions project which I've been involved in twice before, I love the challenge of adapting scientific research into a photograph! This year I was matched with Dr Jessica Taylor who is investigating ways to reduce the long term effects of treatments for childhood brain tumours.

This year I also fell in love......with my new Laowa 60mm ! It's surprisingly hard to find the shot, then manually input aperture as well as focal distance but I'm just so excited by what I can do with it! Also I've learned tiny things are surprisingly hard to capture but when it works out well, it is just beautiful.

Watch out bugs visiting Lucinda Price Photography land - you will be shot!

Somehow it seems fitting to end with a moth - with the business semi moth balled for the last two years and finally getting back up to normality again! Overall it feels great to be here, still loving working as a photographer and confident in my business and skills. Reflecting back on quite what it is I have built, grown feels good......Roll on my 9th anniversary in 364 days!


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