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Covid Policy

Whilst restrictions have been lifted, I am very aware that all of us are navigating post lockdown life in different ways. I'm aware that as someone who meets many different people in any given week and so will act cautiously to prevent spreading Covid as best as I can.

Safety, both yours and mine, is the fundamental theme to my Covid-19 policy.

  • I will be individually assessing each shoot, and if I feel I can't carry out the shoot safely I will let you know. I will also hold the right to leave a shoot if the conditions aren't safe i.e. I feel you are displaying symptoms etc.

  • I will likely wear a mask on indoor shoots however you are under no obligation to wear a mask yourselves. I keep a mask in my kit at all times and will happily wear one outdoors upon your request.

  • I will notify you if you have a shoot booked with me and I find out I have had close contact with someone likely to have covid and/or have symptoms. I will not work if I feel there is a risk of passing on the virus. In these instances I will either endeavour to move the shoot to another mutually convenient day or I will source another photographer for you if I can find someone available.

  • You MUST let me know if you are concerned you have symptoms/are self isolating prior to a shoot. I will not be charging a cancellation fee in these instances and will aim to reschedule at no cost if this is possible. I would be very grateful if you do have a shoot with me and then go on to develop symptoms up to 14 days later that you get in contact. This means I can take my own judgements on the level of self isolation from my own family and also the chance to notify any vulnerable clients I may be working with/for me to test prior to shoots

I look forward to working with you!


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