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Things are changing....

I've now been open following lockdown for a couple of months! It's been amazing getting back into capturing lovely memories with families and individuals - and the early morning streets of Cambridge are amazing for fun, beautifully lit photos!

As autumn and winter draw in, I realise outdoor shoots are still very much feasible, however I won't have my regular Christmas party/indoor conferences and large events that normally take me through this time of year. For this reason I will now be working for a business in a temporary role remotely from home for a few months! It's a bit of a departure from running a business but a welcome break of regular work/income to tide me over the winter months.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a client with a shoot booked, this won't impact you at all. If you are looking to book, I'm not closed entirely, just busy on some days a week.

I'm excited to be doing something different and whilst this year has been hard on the business, really hard, it's a pleasure to have been able to shoot some portraits this year and really consolidate quite how much what I am doing is the right thing for me!

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