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Things are a bit different....New Lucinda Price Photography service

Since I wrote my last post about Corona Virus things have moved on a bit, and it's all been a bit big and scary. I'll be very honest, my lovely diary filled with bookings is now looking very sparse, however I am looking at this as a positive. This gives me a chance to stay home and not spread unknowingly this virus around to different clients over the inevitable peak on its way. These are exceptional times and I understand the need to be careful.

Given the nature of my work and mixing with different clients and locations, I am pretty much accepting the current nature of my business will be on hold for the next few weeks/months and this is going to have an impact. However, I have an emergency fund (always thought it would be for some bizarre accident with the cameras that insurance didn't cover for some reason) so I'm going to be OK.

So what do I do with an empty diary?

Firstly, I am hoping to launch a new service which will nicely fit in around social isolation.

I am already, myself, looking at signing up to some of the wonderful (and FREE!) Future Learn courses to look at adding some new skills and thought some people with time to spare may want to learn about the skill I am so passionate about.

What's involved?

Each session will be personally bespoke to you - I will contact you by email before to learn about what you are looking for, your equipment and what you hope to achieve. You'll need the ability to join a video call - computer/laptop/iPad etc. and a camera you want to get to know a bit better.

Packages (given the current situation for a lot of people I am also running a pay what you can policy)

Get to know your camera

An approximate 1hr session where we talk about the principles of photography, take some shots around you and discuss some tips for future shoots. (£25)

If you enjoy this and explore further then I would move to the bespoke package this will be priced accordingly once we have assessed what your needs are. Are you a maker with some products to photograph and want some advice on initially taking the shots? Possible help with editing? There would be access to an online gallery where we can share images for construction critique. This package may involved multiple sessions which we can pre agree and the more hours booked, the better the rate will be.

Business Owner/Website Owner

This would also fit under a bespoke package, but I can work with you to advice on how to take good product shots, and improve the images on your website, assist with correct sizing/editing if necessary. Contact me for more specific pricing.

That's all a bit different, what else am I going to be up to?

Well having mostly stayed in this week, it's been very clear that I will for once have the time to really enjoy the garden this year. Most years the peak growing season is also my peak working season and this means the head Gardner in the house often bears the brunt of the heavy digging/weeding etc. whilst I enjoy and do a lot of the cooking the spoils at harvest time. This year is likely to be very different!

I'm actually quite excited about watching things grow - our first trays of tomato seeds have been planted this week as well as some salad - a quick and easy harvest! Yesterday, was simply lovely as I weeded away with gentle birdsong accompanying me.

I'm also planning to take the camera out most days if not all days into the garden in order to have a very fulsome record of the garden and capturing each new bit of growth. I am planning to regularly blog and share some pictures with you all. I'm finding social media quite overwhelming at the moment and searching out for the inevitable stories of kindness, cute cats and nature shots is really helping and I want in my own way to add to this.

Yesterday I popped out for ten minutes and in a new blog post I will be sharing some pictures from this - already the apple tree, wisteria etc. are all full of buds ready to burst open for spring/summer.

I hope you enjoy the catalogue of the garden over the next few months. I'm looking forward to enjoying the small beautiful things in the upcoming weeks.

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