July 4, 2020

July 3, 2019

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I am 5!

July 3, 2019

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Now I am 4

I am 4 today! 




It's an interesting time celebrating a business birthday, and I've been reflecting on this recently. For a self employed business owner, there is a real sense of this is something almost entirely* created, driven and maintained by me - so a business birthday feels really quite something to celebrate! 



*It's also a time to recognise the support I have had in my many years with the business from my partner, family,friends and of course my beautiful clients. My parents, in Cornwall, have some bubbles chilling to celebrate this milestone with me! This year, I've been reflecting on how settled into the business I am and there is a very nice feeling of being established!


 A personal highlight of the year has been becoming an aunty (lucky brother and wife get a 'down the road - literally' photographer and babysitter!). Meeting my niece and getting to live so close to her, watching her grow has been a really special thing - this is one proud and loving aunt! 



 I've stretched myself this year by accepting the title 'creative' and getting involved in Cambridge Creative Reactions. 


 It was really interesting to find out about the puntseq project and use this to inspire a piece of art. I used a shot of a splashing blade overlaid with a DNA sequence from the Cam itself.





 I have taken tens of thousands of shots, delivered to countless clients and filled up many hard drives with data! It's been a busy and consistent year!


One client I'd like to highlight are the wonderful team at Form the Future. I've had involvement with the over the years and this year I've really enjoyed being part of their Launchpad project. It's so inspiring to see the time put in by this organisation and the companies involved to encourage young school children into STEM subjects. I've seen drones, rocket launches, sewerage works, DNA profiling amongst other events! Do take a look at their site to find out more about what they do.