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Pechakucha Cambridge - Drawn to the Unexpected

This week I did my very first PechaKucha talk, starting the evening off with a journey through some of my more unexpected shoots I've had in my first five years. It's the first time I've done something like this, and it was so nerve wracking however once I got going I seemed to keep to time!

Me in action (Thanks Karen Arnott!)

My talk as captured by the super talented Anne-Marie Miller - Carbon Orange

I then walked off the 'stage' and straight into capturing the rest of the evening! There was a real variety of talks including Lousie Lee, Pay it Forward, Roxanne from Camcycle and Max talking about pigeons!

More images can be found here :

If you use these images, I love a credit so I can see what images you choose. If you are featured in the images and have any concerns please contact me.

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